What is a Capital Campaign?

A capital campaign is an effort by a non-profit organization to raise funds for specific needs
during a defined time period.

Where can I see the Orange Catholic Foundation’s Annual Report?

Click here to view our Annual Reports

What is the For Christ Forever Capital Campaign?

It is our Diocese of Orange’s first-ever capital campaign to support our growing Catholic community of 1.3 million people. The goal is to raise more than $100 million in cash and pledges. Learn more here.

Why is the campaign themed For Christ Forever?

Catholics are called to live the gospel of Jesus Christ and to love and serve in work and deed. For Christ Forever is our vision to support our faith, church and future…now and forever. Learn more here.

What are the campaign’s priorities?

The campaign supports five priorities. These include our future Christ Cathedral, 62 Catholic parishes and centers, Catholic education, priests retirement and Diocesan ministries. Learn more here.

Why is the For Christ Forever Capital Campaign necessary?

The need for our first-ever Diocesan campaign is prompted by two main dynamics:  growth and opportunities. With 1.3 million Catholics in Orange County, we are now the 10th largest diocese in the U.S. We also have opportunities now – such as the renovation and dedication of our future Christ Cathedral – to create powerful unifiers to connect, share and reinvigorate our faithful. Financial resources are essential to support these factors. Learn more here.

Who benefits from For Christ Forever?

Each and every Catholic in Orange County benefits from the campaign. Funds raised will go directly to support our campaign’s five key priorities noted above. Learn more here.

Why should I give to For Christ Forever?

Our campaign is an historic opportunity for all us as Catholics. It is a time to prayerfully reflect on all the blessings God has bestowed upon us. And it is a chance for each of us to enable and ensure we are able to address local parish needs, catholic education, priest retirements and the role of the future Christ Cathedral now and for decades to come. Learn more here.

When does the For Christ Forever Capital Campaign begin and end?

The campaign was conducted throughout the diocese of Orange. The parish phase concluded at Our Lady of Fatima in June 2014. Donors are welcomed to make new or additional gifts/pledges to the campaign at any time. New pledges made in 2014 may be paid over 3 years. Click on the links provided below to view pledge forms:

For Christ Forever – Restricted

For Christ Forever – Unrestricted

How do I make changes to my existing pledge?

If you’d like to make changes to your existing pledge, please contact OCF at (714) 282-3134.

How do I give?

There are many ways to give. Learn more here.

Where can I get more information?

Contact us here.

“Honor the Lord with your
wealth, with first fruits of
all your produce...”

— Proverbs 3:9