Five Priorities

Our Christ Cathedral
For Christ Forever helped support the financial needs required to renovate, improve and dedicate our Christ Cathedral. Visit our Christ Cathedral
Local Parish Support
For Christ Forever assisted in addressing unmet needs that benefited all 62 parishes and centers.

Our parishes face significant unfunded material and pastoral needs. Not funded by regular sources of offertory income, these needs include:

  • Church and building restoration, renovations and repairs
  • Constructing new facilities
  • Debt reduction, raising endowment funds, capital improvements
  • Income to support parish services and ministries

These funds may be used as individual parishes deem appropriate.

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Catholic Education
For Christ Forever campaign raised money to fund Catholic education and tuition assistance.

A Catholic education is a precious gift. Today there are 34 Diocesan elementary schools serving 13,700+ students. Only five schools are financially self-sufficient. All others require significant resources through grants and support from the Orange Catholic Foundation and the “Proud to be Catholic” PSA.

Education Fact Sheet    

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Priests Retirement
For Christ Forever sought to increase the Retired Priests Endowment fund, with earnings used to help retired priests with their housing costs.

As our primary spiritual leaders, our priests deserve our support. Current funding is insufficient to support our retiring priests, so the existing endowment for senior housing must be increased.

Priests Retirement 

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Diocesan Ministries
For Christ Forever raised funds to support ministry programs, services and charities that directly benefit parishioners and our community.

Annually the faithful from all 62 parishes and centers participate in our “Proud to be Catholic” Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA). Conducted by the Orange Catholic Foundation, this annual appeal raises funds to support Diocesan pastoral ministries and services. Additional capital funding is imperative to support our rapidly expanding Catholic community.

Diocesan ministries directly benefit parishioners, fellow Catholics and the broader community. Examples include:

  • Catholic Schools Tuition Assistance
  • Catholic Charities of Orange County
  • Seminarian Education
  • Parish Stewardship Education
  • Catholic Deaf Community
  • Restorative Justice and Detention Ministry

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